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Steps for a Well-Crafted Compare and Contrast Essay on Gender Roles – 2022




Among all sorts of essays, the most difficult and intriguing one is a compare and contrast essay in which one has to create an argument based on similarities and differences that exist between two subjects. There is no doubt that comparing and contrasting essay is difficult but not for a writing service provider because you have to handle two subjects at the same time. 


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If you are of the same opinion and have no knowledge of writing a compare and contrast essay, you can easily avail yourself of an online paper writing service like I was in high school. I hired skilled writers to write essays for me so I can achieve maximum marks. 



If you are writing a compare and contrast essay on gender roles, then you just need to read the following step from a reliable essay writing service and you are good to begin.  



  1. Select your subjects.



The first step towards writing an essay is to choose the subjects of your compare and contrast essay. In the essay, where you will be comparing the gender roles in society, first define who will be your subjects, men and women, men and transgender, etc. So, you have to decide on the subjects first to proceed further because, without the knowledge of the subjects, you cannot plan your arguments.



  1. Brainstorm the content.



Since in this type of essay you basically compare and contrast two subjects, your main content will be the similarities and differences. So, to find the similarities and differences between your subjects take two pages and create two separate two tables, one for the similarities and one for the differences. This way you can write a well-organized essay. In case you are a visual person, you have the freedom of creating a Venn diagram by creating two overlapping circles. 



In the circles write the characteristics under the titles e.g., social activities of a male under the heading of men. The point where you will find the similarities between the men and women gender roles, you will write it in the overlapping space. In my opinion, a list is quite easier to make to write essay, so you should go for a list of similarities and differences. 



  1. Create a hook.



If you want to write a convincing essay that is worthy of reading, then it’s better not to stick to the similarities and differences only. By keeping the similarities and differences in mind, think about what stands out in the topic, what issues outshine when you are comparing and contrasting the two subjects. You should come up with an argument that will be supported by the similarities and differences. In the gender role compare and contrast essay, you can argue that women are submissive than men. 



  1. Think of the organization.



After finding the similarities, differences, and arguments now it's time to decide how you will organize them. For this purpose, you have two options, you can either go point by point or subject by subject e.g., if you are writing about men and women gender roles, you will first write few paragraphs on attributes that are associated with women then in the following paragraph you will discuss the roles associated to men in society.



This was subject by subject approach, in point-by-point approach, you will address both subjects side by side by discussing one characteristic in each paragraph. Point by point technique is a little complex but it looks compelling. If you do not know how to structure the essay point by point, you can buy an online essay that compares and contrasts two subjects. 



  1. Provide supporting evidence.



No matter how you are organizing the ideas, you need to provide evidence for every claim otherwise your essay will be worthless. You can provide examples by reading the previous studies related to your topic. You can also add your own experience if your instructor allows you to use a personal narrative. 



To that reason, you won't discover the same style of writing in a writing company throughout the essay's body and conclusion.



If I share my viewpoint and lack the writing skills necessary for a compare and contrast essay, you can easily use an online paper writing service, just like I did in high school. I paid a professional essay writer to write an essay for me, so I could get the best grade possible.



You can follow these steps or get professional ‘write my paper’ help from SharkPapers for a great compare and contrast essay. 


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