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Three type of sentence-fragment errors to avoid in college essay   writing


If someone asks you a question, have you ever faced a situation in which your teacher is frustrated because of your grammatical errors? Of course, your answer will be yes because more or less every student makes this mistake and gets scolded by the teacher often. Among these grammar mistakes, a sentence fragment is a major problem that most of you may find difficult to overcome. Oops! Do not take it as if other grammatical mistakes are bearable at write essay for me.


Students mostly find themselves confused between the run-on sentences and sentence fragments that’s why they find it difficult to point out these mistakes. Sentence fragments occur in the form of incomplete sentences where either subject, verb, or object is missing, so it cannot stand on its own, and it does not communicate a complete thought.


Sometimes, sentence fragments are not easy to locate in the dependent clauses because they have a verb, subject, and object but they do not communicate a complete thought like write essay. For example:


“so that you can communicate your point of view”


This is a dependent clause but if you look at it closely, it does not communicate full thought.  The sentences starting from because, so that, as a result, most have fragments. The online write an essay for me websites provide proofreading facilities and guidance to figure out sentence fragments in your writing. So, you can take information from these websites if you face this problem constantly.


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Fragment without subject


As mentioned above, a normal sentence has a verb, subject, and object and it is a common sentence structure. Even if an object or subject is missing, the sentence will not communicate its complete message.  The subject missing sentence is the most common mistake students make, especially in the skilled writers when they are explaining an article. They mention the findings or aims of the research but fail to mention the subject. For example:


“shows no improvement in the findings mentioned before”


In this sentence, the subject is missing, so you cannot identify if the writer is talking about the article or some other paper. The correct sentence will be


             The research paper’s results show no improvement in the findings mentioned before”


The underlined word is the subject that completes the sense of the sentence. Other examples are, 


             “Running down the road swiftly”


             The water was running down the road swiftly”


The easy way to remove this fragment is to use subject before verb so that your sentence looks complete and it makes sense for the readers through reliable essay writing service .


Fragment starts with Conjunction or Preposition


This fragment occurs when students start their sentence with a connection or preposition and the main independent remains missing. These sentences are dependent on the other clause and if that clause is not present, then it will look incomplete. For example:


The K2 is a famous mountain. Which is known as the second-largest mountain in the world.




Sania is selling her bicycle. Because she wants to buy a motorbike.


These two sentences are the perfect examples of this kind of sentence fragment as you can see that the sentence starting with conjunction or preposition does not make sense. The reason is that the second part of the sentence is dependent on the first clause. The easy solution to removing this fragment by connecting the dependent part with the first independent clause.


Unless there is a biology question, I will pass the exam.  


Sania is selling her bicycle because she wants to buy a motorbike.


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Using long Sentences with Fragments


Another famous yet common fragment that is found in academic writing is that students try to write complex sentences which do not have any context sentences. They make this mistake while impressing the teacher with long sentences, but it ends up messing up the sentence structure. For example:


“Seeing the stranger, I was startled, and I bumped into him as he helped me picking them up, touching my hands with a strange look in his eyes”.


Here you can see that to be creative, the students have missed some point of the sentence and the main course of action is missing. What the writer is trying to pick? It is missing, so you need to focus on every detail of the sentence. To CollegeEssay, I avoid writing long sentences as they have the chance of more fragments. It's better to focus on clarity before creativity so that your main purpose of writing can be accomplished.


These are some of the few examples of sentence fragments for your clarity. Do not assume that by reading them, you can overcome your grammatical mistakes. You will have to do a lot of practice then you can correct your sentence structure so best of luck with it.

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