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[Solved] How do I get started so I can play bingo online?


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I need the basics of getting started so I can play bingo online.

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The basics of playing Bingo is to go to website and go to top of the screen and look for the word bingo cards and this way you can get free bingo cards and once you got them then look for the site on Facebook, Twitch and YouTube under Free Jackpot Bingo and there you can get an idea how to play and also when the games are going to be happening by subscribing to the site and you can participate in playing bingo with the rest of the bingo community.

I can't figure out how to get my cards. Please help me?

Brenda....If you signed up and everything is correct then you get an email from owner--cards come over as a pdf.

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Here is the basic info to 'GET STARTED' to play bingo online.

  1. Get Your Free Bingo Cards - Read the page and fill out the form (you cannot use an icloud email!) and click the submit button on the page.
  2. Wait for 1-3 days (usually sooner) and check your email (including your spam folder) for an email with your bingo cards attached. You will need to print them!
  3. Find our next event. We play 1-3 online bingo events a day! The best way to get notified is by getting on our email list (toward the bottom of most pages of our website). We send an email everyday with bingo times for that day. It is also the first place that any event changes get posted to our players! You can also check our website events page or our facebook page events (not always up to date).
  4. 'LIKE' & 'SUBSCRIBE' to one or all of our pages/channels to get notified when we GO LIVE with an event. We Suggest using YouTube (it's fast and reliable) or Twitch.....and if all else fails....Facebook.
  5. Go to the LIVE Stream just before the event starts and enter your Serial#-Page# of your page of bingo cards (ie:fp0001-11) to play.
  6. The cards are played from left to right. Game #1=Top Left, Game #2=Top Right, Game #3=Bottom Left, Game #4=Bottom Right.

FOR MORE INFO (Gameplay & Rules) - CLICK HERE

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