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Sad News 🙁 🙁

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Cindy Wynboom
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I agree.  I thought it was a cheap shot.  I never had a problem with Wayne until the last sessions.  They were emotionally manipulative and attention seeking...basically playing the victim, trying to get people to take his side.  I also don't think he has any idea who the real 'haters' are.

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I am sad that Wayne took his last few seconds to spit hate back into the community. I do understand his frustration.....but he did take some of the things that happened too personal. And honestly......that is easy to do when you are hosting an event. And due to that....he had a hard time recovering to be a 'fun' host and not just showing up. I am not saying that to be could see it when he was hosting.


First off....I can vouch that Diane was NOT the problem and not even close to being the biggest reporter of things going wrong. 

Second.....other issues I mentioned to him were not necessarily about him or things he was doing wrong.....more about things that people were concerned about that I just wanted him to watch out for.

Third - Some of you - you know who you are - didn't help the situation. I did ask for you not to come play if you had a problem with wayne or me. Please understand - I will not put up with this non-sense.

Fourth - Yes - we will be doing less Online Bingo games....even less than this last week. I hired Wayne so we could offer you more games........and I personally do not have the time to run that many games.......but will do my best to make sure we are doing at least 6+ games a week.


I am still thankful to Wayne for helping out and wish him well in his future endeavors. 

Diane Verkuilen
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I would like to say to all the people who were judging me and thought I was the problem,,, Thanks for nothing. I also would like to say I am over it, and just want to play bingo and have fun. To all the people who knew it was not me causing problems or tension. Thank you for believing in me. Also, I asked this host awhile ago to let this go and just have fun, he couldn't and that did sadden me also. I love bingo and been here since day ONE, enjoy chatting which I couldn't for about 3-4 weeks now. I want things to get back to normal. So to anyone who still feel that they need to comment bad things about me,, that's your problem not mine.

Also I would like to thank Linda and Cindy for the kind words they had for me and for not believing all the drama was my fault. Most of all Thank you Lane for putting the rumors to rest. Without you there would have been no escape from the stay at home order, and we would have all gone CRAZY. I am going to let it all roll off my back and get on with the FUN of playing BINGO. There will be no grudges held against anyone in the Bingo, we are all adults and some people are easily swayed when they don't know the truth. Fortunately I had nothing to be sorry for. LETS PLAY TOGETHER AND HAVE FUN!! 

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Terri Van Linn
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@delectabl442gmail-comi I never thought you were the problem Diane. I had no clue who was causing problems.  Life is too short.  i have better things to do then care who the complainers are. love you dear friend.

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@delectabl442gmail-com I myself am not here to judge anyone the drama was getting out of hand I am here to support Lane i am thankful i came across free jackpot bingo i look foreward to play

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I don't know who is responsible for all the drama and complaining either, nor do I care, I just want it to stop.  I have been here since day one of online bingo.  We used to have so much fun laughing and teasing each other, and I just want it to get back to the way it was!  The way things are now, I'm afraid to say ANYTHING for fear it will be taken the wrong way and I will be chastised!  It definitely hasn't been much fun lately, and I have been contemplating not playing anymore.  I will wait and see how things are for a while, and make my decision after that.  Thank you.

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