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[Sticky] NEW Forum & Online Bingo Etiquette (Behavior Rules)  

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Starting Today (February 17, 2021 at 6:30PM CST)

If you see something either posted on Online Bingo that you think is a form of bullying or rude behavior....or something that might be wrong with gameplay...this is how you need to handle it.

IN THE CHAT (IN ALL CAPS) TYPE: ALERT - (and type the issue without a specific person's name here) - If there is something in the chat the host needs to read....please mention to view the chat.

If you see something in the chat you don't like, you can do the ALERT above or ignore it. But if you engage with it and start drama over it you may be asked to leave for the rest of the game. (This will count as a strike (*see below) against you.

*There is now a 3 Strike Policy Being Put In Place

If you receive a strike (it's basically a warning) you may be asked to leave a game (depending on the severity of the issue) and you can then come back the next time we play. Any donations...etc will be forfeited for that game.

If you you receive 3 strikes within 1 month you will be asked politely to take a break from online bingo for 30 days.

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Diane Verkuilen
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Lane could you please give some clarification on this?  If someone says during the game in the chat "This sucks" is that cause to say Alert? Just saying a lot of people say that about a certain game or their cards and I don't see it as an ALERT situation. I am thinking that might be causing more drama.

If it is then I see no reason to even chat on the games or with anyone. Like you said texts are mis-read and the person that said that was commenting on the game that was not a favorite.

Gotta say that if  that is the case that it is Alert situation it is making people not want to play.  Please advise.

BTW I am not a fan of the crazy wild number game and it doesn't go any faster, still going for up to 60ish numbers, but that is my opinion. 

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I'm looking forward to an answer....because, I also thought remark was just about the game. I was puzzled and why I commented on that in chat....with my sense of humor I'll be the first one to get a strike.... 😊   

I do like the wild number games and if they were an easier pattern that would help them go faster....jmo. 

Theresa Borchardt
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My opinion-

I personally like the wild numbers and think he does a fine job calling.  I also think that people take chat to seriously and don't have fun. It's just a game! It's not life changing.  We have good chat on twitch and i enjoy it. 

We all complain about our cards and numbers called.  It's just a game! Have fun! Move on to the next game and try again! 


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i so agree with you Theresa on twitch we kid around and play bingo we cheer for the person who almost has bingo its all in fun i enjoy chatting with the "roomies" taking chat so seriously takes the fun out of bingo i enjoy the callers even if a mistake is done by one of them we have all made mistakes through our lives nobodys perfect so just let it go and enjoy




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