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Horrible Msgs being sent to my Facebook

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Wayne Gauger
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I just went to clean my spam folder out and I found this msgs that was sent this morning ... The person deleted the account it was sent from. Whoever sent them please come forward! 


My question to all of you is am I doing that terrible job of calling ? I came here to help Lane out while he was suffering from Covid and to call Bingo once again as I missed calling it at the local Wausau Bars. I like to have fun and throw jokes out there and have different sayings for some of the numbers. I have received msgs asking if I have "VI and Barney" really living in my closet and that is a NO! Is an ex callers Mom who use to play Bingo her name was VI she has passed on and was like a grandmother to me and she talked like I interpret her as . She use to call me her "grandsonny" and she use to love it when I would sound just like her when O66 came up and she use to smoke Camel Straights back in the day! I told her before she passed when I was at her bed side O66 would be dedicated to her and I would continue to sound like her when the number came up B5 Barney came in because she had a dog named Barney and he used to go out and protect Vi when she would go have her cigs. I am not poking fun of anyone its a real life thing that I promised an awesome Second Grandma I had since I only go to grow up with 1 grandmother ! It is really disturbing to receive msgs like the one I found ! I have attached it to this msg you need to click on it to view it ! 

Closing out this msg I plan to go no where I feel I did nothing wrong to anyone I did express my feelings on camera one night and that should have been done in the forum and I get that now! I would like to continue to call here at Free Jackpot Bingo and make it grow! Yes once racing season comes around I will need to cut my calling down to mostly 10am Mondays Im an free to do all day as I do now. I just wanted to pass this along to everyone and explain! Please reply back if you have any questions!


Thank You!


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Theresa Borchardt
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Wow! Someone always has to be a dick.  I apologize if I cant say dick! 

Kris Barrette
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Some people have to be jerks.  Don’t let them bring you down.  You are fine the way you are.


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When someone, as the person that sent you message, has such detailed things to say to another and does not have the balls to do it straight forward, comes at ya wearing an Anonymous mask, further hides behind a deleted account, well---their words are empty and have less worth than sweat on a monkeys ass. 







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That person is a coward Wayne.  Don't listen to him.  Keep up the good work!  Thanks for explaining about Vi and Barney.  Some days I don't care for it, but I just turn the volume down.  It is special to you, and that's all that counts!  Hugs!

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