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[Sticky] Bingo cards

Stephanie Beyer
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I love playing bingo. I'm also use to playing at a faster pace. With that being said I think we should be able to play four cards or even two for every game would be okay with me. 

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Thank You for your input...I appreciate you posting this.

Let me start by telling you why we run things the way we do.

We are a small business with very little working capital unlike a casino. We are unable to charge people to play bingo......because that is gambling and illegal.

We have just a few ways that we make money as a small is by OPC Memberships, and the Other is by donations. At this point (as of 2/5/21) we are barely profiting and in some cases breaking even...and if I counted all the time I put into this it would definitely be a loss. I love doing it and it has been growing....but as of late....very slow.

Why am I telling you this?

Because if I started letting everyone play extra cards on every game and event.....we would end up with a lot more winners! That wouldn't be a bad thing...except we would lose a lot more money and it wouldn't take long before we would have to shut it down.

You might be saying to yourself......well you only give away B-Wallet Money on games what's the big deal if you have more winners? - The truth that most players end up paying for or renewing their OPC Membership with B-Wallet Funds! That means that one of our original streams of income has all but almost disappeared!

We do offer extra ways to play more cards.....

  • OPC Members - Can play 2 pages on Tuesdays (Twofer Tuesdays)
  • Donations - Donate to play extra pages - see our Donation Page
  • 5+ Game Events  - you are able to play extra cards on Blackout


Why do we need to make money? - This is a small business. Their are operating costs and lots of work behind the scenes that we do. Expenses for Online Bingo are currently between $350-$500/month (not including work time). This is why Donations are so important.


Between Bar Bingo and Online Bingo I currently spend over 50 hours a week working on everything from hosting events to all the backend work (payments, emails, website, advertising/marketing, and bingo cards). I hope that this post gives everyone a little better understanding of why we run Bingo the way we do.

Also - We cannot speed up bingo online....because there are too many factors that prevent bingo from being run properly. We will add a forum topic about this in the near future.

Sorry that this was a long post....but I saw this as an opportunity to enlighten players about what we do.

Thank You Again Stephanie for your support.




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